Basic Rider Course II Information

The Basic Rider Course II (BRC-II) serves those who are proficient on their current motorcycle or those who have completed the Basic Rider Course (BRC).  There is no formal classroom instruction, but throughout the day there will be discussions covering strategies to minimize risk, how aging can affect skills, and other aspects of motorcycling.  During riding portions participants have the opportunity to practice more difficult maneuvers honing the mental and physical skills important to the operation of a motorcycle.  The BRC-II includes the opportunity to take the course with a passenger.

Students ride their own street legal motorcycle.  MSF requires the privately owned motorcycles to pass a pre-ride inspection made by the Rider Coach.  Proof of insurance must be documented prior to the beginning of the course. If the participating rider does not own the motorcycle then written permission must be obtained from the owner prior to the beginning of the course.

The BRC-II is scheduled on Saturday or Sunday from 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.  A minimum class size is four with twelve being the maximum.

The cost of the course is $125 per rider and $25 per passenger.

Participates in the riding portion of the class must wear the following safety gear:

1. DOT helmet (Loaner helmets are available)
2. Eye protection
3. Full fingered gloves
4. Long sleeved shirt or jacket
5. Long sturdy pants
6. Over the ankle footwear (Practical for riding with a low heel) 

To successfully complete the course students must:

1. Attend all sessions and have 100% participation
2. Achieve an 80% or above on a knowledge test covering course material
3. Achieve a minimum score on the practical riding-skill evaluation. 

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If you have a group of six or more riders who want to take the BRC-II together you can schedule your own weekend!  Call or Contact Us for possible dates.